Wednesday, March 21, 2018
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Friday May 1st

  • Registration opens at 10AM!
  • First Breakout session starts at 11:30AM!
  • Special Interests start at 8:30pm

Saturday May 2nd

  • Region Meetings start at 8:30AM
  • Resolutions Voting starts  at 4:45PM.
  • Special Interests start at 8:30pm

Sunday May 3rd

  • Resolutions Voting starts at 9:15AM
  • General Assembly closes at 5PM.

Paid Registrants' meals:

  • Friday lunch, Saturday Breakfast & Lunch, and Sunday Breakfast & Lunch are provided.
  • All dinners are on your own!

Spring GA Agenda (Coming Soon)

Spring GA FULL PROGRAM (Coming Soon)

  Spring 2015 General Assembly  

Online Registration is Now Closed, Onsite Registration is Still Available

Spring 2015 General Assembly

May 1-3, 2015
Ontario Convention Center
2000 E. Convention Center Way
Ontario, CA  91764


SSCCC Draft Constitutions for Consideration (2015)

The Above Google Drive Link is Live and will accept comments.

SSCCC Draft Constitutional Amendment Form


Amendments will be continue to be accepted until the June 6-7,SSCCC Meeting. The amendments are subject to approval by the SSCCC Council and the proposed draft will have a process re-established for approval at the Fall 2015 General Assembly.

Here is the GA approved Resolution that informed this process: Resolution 18.02 Fall 2013 "Constitutional Models".

NOTE: Disregard the "DRAFT" watermark on the document, the document was approved, however the file format was not and it will be within the next few weeks.

Publicly Submitted Model Constitution

NOTE: The above model was submitted by Nehasi Lee - Compton Community Educational Center/Santa Monica college and was not adopted by the SSCCC Rules Committee ad-hoc or SSCCC Council to be presented to the General Assembly. It was reviewed and feedback was utilized in draft that was sent out for consideration by the General Assembly.