Wednesday, March 21, 2018
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  Spring 2015 Resolution Timeline  

Resolutions Documents:

Spring 2015 Resolutions Procedures

Spring 2015 Unamended Resolutions Packet

Spring 2015 Amended Resolutions Packet


Resolutions Submissions Forms:

Spring 2015 Resolutions Amendment Form (Closed)

Spring 2015 Sunsetting Resolutions Form (Closed)

Spring 2015 Urgent Resolutions Form


Submissions Deadlines:

  • NEW Spring 2015 Resolutions: Fri. April 10th by 11:59pm
  • Amended Resolutions: Sat. April 18th
  • Urgent Resolutions: Sunday April 26th 11:59pm

Dissemination Dates:

  • Active & Sunsetting Resolutions: Tues. March 17th
  • NEW Submitted Resolutions: Wed. April 12th
  • Amended Resolutions: Mon. April 20th

For Resolutions Questions Please Contact:

Resolutions Committee Chair - Andrew Campbell

Resolutions Committee Vice Chair - Megan Turrill

Communications Officer - Hasun Khan

  Paper-Lite GA  

The SSCCC is trying to reduce the amount of paper we use at our General Assemblies. This is an effort both to be responsible toward our environment and to increase the timeliness of the resources provided. Electronic materials will replace most of the paper materials and will be accessible before, during, and after the event.

  • Each registered attendee will recieve one printed program.
  • Each delegate will recieve one printed copy of the official resolution procedures when they sign in on-site.
  • Each delegate will be responsible for informing their college delegation of the resolution procedures and sharing their printed copy with their college.

Please download and save the materials to your laptop or mobile device prior to the event for your use on-site. If you prefer to have printed copies of the materials, please print them in advance we will not be providing printed copies.