Wednesday, March 21, 2018
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  System Affairs Committee  
Subsection 2. System Affairs Committee

The membership of the System Affairs Committee shall be each region’s System Affairs Director and be responsible for:

1. Developing and maintaining a database for members of the Board of Governors including contact information, background, voting records, key stances, corporate interests, education background, and other pertinent information.

2. Developing and tracking system policies that affect student access to the system, quality of education, and retention rates, specifically with attention to underrepresented populations.

3. Developing and recommending to the Board stances regarding system policy, programs, and administrative actions.

4. Facilitate an application process for the Board of Governors Student Member(s) and the California Student Aid Commission Student Member.

5. Facilitating an application process for state-wide shared governance committee appointments.

6. Implementing all resolutions assigned to this committee by the Board.

  Meeting Information  

2017-2018 Meetings
Date Location Agenda / Minutes Supplemental Documents
July 8, 2017 Sacramento Agenda / Minutes No Supplemental Documents