Wednesday, March 21, 2018
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  Equity & Diversity  

The Equity and Diversity Committee shall support student life through transparency and inclusiveness and advocate for fairness by making recommendations to the committee on campus related issues that may affect under represented groups and work to prevent discrimination based on ethnicity, nationality, gender identity, sexual preference(s), color, physical and/or mental disability, veteran status, religious or political affiliation with a shared balance of equity and respect for all.

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8.2.14 10:00a-11:00a Agenda Attachments Minutes
8.28.14 7:00p Agenda
Attachments Minutes



December 7, 2013 Agenda Attachments Minutes
October 25, 2013 Agenda Attachments Minutes
September 5, 2013 Agenda Attachments Minutes
August 3, 2013 Agenda Attachments Minutes


Senator Cooper

Vice Chair

Senator Light

Senator Michaelson

Secretary Kaleem

Senator Aguilera

Senator Hakim

Vice President Costa

Senator Galeana