Wednesday, March 21, 2018
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  Communications Committee  

Communications Committee Charge and Purpose
The Communications Committee is an extension of the Student Senate for California Community Colleges (SSCCC). The purpose of this committee is to develop and implement PR efforts that respond to SSCCC’s master goals. The committee operates under the direction of the SSCCC, comprised mainly of Senators of said council, from around the state, meeting monthly to work on projects in accordance with the SSCCC constitution/Bylaws.

Mission of the SSCCC Communications Committee
The SSCCC Communications Committee is responsible for disseminating information on behalf of SSCCC to their constituents, the 2.89 million students of California Community College system. This responsibility may also include the following:  the faculty, the administration, the general public of the State of California, as well as the local and national press. The Communications Committee is not about posturing; it is about communicating information effectively and efficiently concerning those issues germane to and directly affecting the Community College Students as well as their elected representatives at the state level and in the various positions of shared governance. Since the effectiveness of student advocacy hinges on the SSCCC's ability to communicate, an effective and timely system of information dissemination is vital.


Goals of the SSCCC Communications Committee

Communications Committee Strategic Plan
Seven strategic goals under the plan are:

  1. Strive to constantly develop and disseminate the most accurate information relative to SSCCC and its public.
  2. Recognize (and show) that we represent all students in the California Community College (wing) as their legislative advocate for the promotion and protection of their interests.
  3. Recognize (and show) that we are one of the biggest advocacy group for student rights in the United States.
  4. Share our vision with all students with in the California Community Colleges.
  5. Share our mission statement with the 37 million people in the State of California by the year 2012, while “capturing” the influence of our most politically active individual members.
  6. Work to become and integral part of the SSCCC and help disseminate to its public our position and actions with past and present Resolutions, legislation and other pertinent issues.
  7. Work to constantly let our mission be known to the public.
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 | 8.2.14 11:00a-12:00p | Agenda | Minutes |
 |  8.20.14 6:00p-8:00p | Agenda | Minutes |



 | Aug 6th 9pm | Agenda | Minutes |
 |  Sep 11 7:45am | Agenda
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Comm. Officer Dunning

Vice Chair

Senator Kukuliev

Senator Campbell

Senator Dailey